About Us

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We love big pots - container freighters loaded with Tucanos buckets make our hearts beat faster. With this enthusiasm we like to go to work every day, and have been for almost 30 years!


The idea of ​​importing plant pots came about in 1995 in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Glazed planters stand in front of every hut. Immediately enthusiastic, we negotiated with small family manufacturers, set up quality control, packaging and transport logistics. The first container soon swam towards Hamburg. The company name "Tucano" was conceived and protected. TUCANO HAMBURG is owner-managed and operates import, wholesale and retail trade.


Tucano's plant pots come from all over the world, of course from Italy, of course from eternal Tuscany, but also the long sea route from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia from the vastness of China. And from Turkey and Tunisia and Spain. During the season, our containers arrive at the port of Hamburg on a weekly basis. Trucks from Italy cross the Alps towards Hamburg loaded with our terracotta . We visit our suppliers regularly. Worldwide. Quality control is important to us! Our customers benefit from this.


Best of all: Tucano has a very large number of regular customers. From Hamburg, of course. But also from all over Germany. From all over Europe to Madeira, even from Russia and the USA. That makes us proud and we work every day to ensure that it stays that way. Our customers have a sense for the special, they are balcony and garden lovers, house and holiday home owners, shops, cafés, restaurants, hotels, companies, even municipalities with beautiful swimming pools and public places. Tucano's customers also include hospitals, residences, film production facilities, cultural institutions, golf and other sports clubs.


Even the best quality planters can suffer frost damage. Fortunately, that rarely happens with Tucano, but if it does, we'll be happy to exchange the planter . At least for two years anyway. And if in doubt, you can expect goodwill from Tucano. Always!